Solar Panel

Solar Panel

➤ Specializing in the production of customized solar panels;

➤ High-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar panels;

➤ Factory direct sales, preferential price.

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  • About Solar Panel

    Solar panels are devices that convert solar energy into electrical energy. They consist of multiple photovoltaic cells that can convert solar radiation into direct current electricity. Solar panels are widely used in various fields such as architecture, transportation, agriculture, etc. In the field of architecture, solar panels can be used for roof and wall power generation systems to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. In the field of transportation, solar panels can be used for charging systems for electric vehicles and public transportation to reduce dependence on traditional energy sources. In the agricultural field, solar panels can be used for irrigation systems and lighting systems for farms and breeding farms, thereby improving production efficiency and saving energy costs. In addition, solar panels can also be applied to aerospace, military and other fields. In summary, as a clean and renewable form of energy, solar panels have broad application prospects and market potential.

Application benefits

  • Clean energy

    Clean energy

    Solar panels have relatively little environmental pollution as a clean, renewable energy form.
  • Low cost

    Low cost

    The construction and operation costs of solar panels are relatively low, which can save energy costs.
  • Wide application

    Wide application

    Can be applied to areas with electricity shortages to remove geographical restrictions on electricity use.
  • Easy maintenance

    Easy maintenance

    Solar panels have long service life and low maintenance costs without needing regular replacement of parts.

Product advantages

  • Appearance design

    Appearance design

    The shape, frame, etc. can be customized according to the installation scenario.
  • Structural design

    Structural design

    The structural design of solar panel brackets to make the brackets suitable for various installation scenarios.
  • Intelligent management

    Intelligent management

    Manage power generation, power consumption, conversion efficiency, etc., so that data is at your fingertips.
  • Production process

    Production process

    Use more advanced welding equipment to ensure product stability.
  • Quality inspection

    Quality inspection

    Each solar panel undergoes strict quality inspection before packaging.
  • Product packaging

    Product packaging

    The packaging has high compression resistance, looks sturdy and does not deform after multiple transports.
  • Production cycle

    Production cycle

    Flow line automated equipment production ensures delivery time.
  • High efficiency power generation

    High efficiency power generation

    Better silicon raw materials can generate more electricity even in smaller sizes.

It's not better than not knowing, it's a shock!


High quality Inferior
  • Solar panels use thick tempered glass

    Solar panels use thick tempered glass

    Easier to absorb sunlight, high strength, not easy to break.
  • VS
  • Solar panels use ultra-thin lightweight tempered glass

    Solar panels use ultra-thin lightweight tempered glass

    Not pressure resistant, not impact resistant, extremely fragile and easily damaged.
  • Solar panels use high-efficiency A-grade silicon wafers

    Solar panels use high-efficiency A-grade silicon wafers

    High power generation efficiency and sufficient power.
  • VS
  • Solar panels use recycled or substandard silicon wafers

    Solar panels use recycled or substandard silicon wafers

    Insufficient power and low conversion rate.
  • Thickened large aluminum alloy frame

    Thickened large aluminum alloy frame

    Not easy to deform and damage during transportation, can withstand gusts up to 10 levels.
  • VS
  • Thin poor quality metal frame that is easy to deform

    Thin poor quality metal frame that is easy to deform

    Easily deformed by strong winds and easily damaged.
  • Thick hot-dip galvanized solar panel bracket

    Thick hot-dip galvanized solar panel bracket

    Long service life, rust resistant, can be used for over 20 years.
  • VS
  • Angle iron welded solar panel bracket

    Angle iron welded solar panel bracket

    Prone to rust, safety hazards after long-term use.
  • Solar panel cables with pure copper tin plating and up to national standard specs

    Solar panel cables with pure copper tin plating and up to national standard specs

    Smooth power transmission, not prone to overheating, long service life.
  • VS
  • Aluminum clad copper wire or solar panel cables with false specs

    Aluminum clad copper wire or solar panel cables with false specs

    Affect power generation efficiency, prone to oxidation and damage over time.

Solutions for individual scenarios can be developed


  • Solar power generation

    Solar power generation

    Generally refers to distributed grid-connected photovoltaic power generation, which is a clean way of power generation.
  • Solar lighting

    Solar lighting

    Used for solar street lights, solar traffic lights, solar garden lights, etc.
  • Solar storage

    Solar storage

    Convert solar energy into electrical energy and store it in batteries, or use solar energy to produce hydrogen.
  • Solar architecture

    Solar architecture

    Solar power generation glass used in new architectural glass to achieve self-sufficient power supply for buildings.
  • China solar panels

    China solar panels

    China has a complete solar power industry chain, from upstream raw materials to downstream power station systems, with independent production and innovation capabilities. China has played an important role in reducing the cost of solar panels, by achieving economies of scale and technological progress, making the price of solar panels drop by 85% in the past decade. China is the world’s largest exporter of solar panels, with product quality and performance recognized by the international market. The Chinese government has given strong policy support and subsidies to the solar power industry, promoting the demand and application of domestic and foreign markets. China has been constantly innovating in solar power technology, developing new products such as third-generation solar cells and smart photovoltaics, improving the efficiency and reliability of solar power generation.

What can we do

One-stop solution to solar panel-related needs

  • Solar panel project design

    According to the intelligent scene, design the mounting bracket and the overall scheme.
  • Solar panel customization

    According to the project requirements, customize the solar panel size, power, shape, frame, etc.
  • Solar panel production

    Solar panels are large-scale, automated production, and short delivery cycle.
  • Solar panel installation

    Technical support is provided throughout to ensure installation and use.

Our capabilities

Project landing ability

  • Years of experience in solar panel projects

    The rich experience in planning and designing various complex projects has created a professional solar panel project design team.
  • Highly customizable

    A project, a set of plans; a requirement, a design. Meet individual needs.
  • Fast production

    Scale production, automatic production, complete production process and corresponding equipment.
  • Scale brings cost benefits

    Mass production has formed a scale effect, which reduces costs and sales prices.
  • The product is constantly updated and iterated

    Continuously improve and upgrade products to improve product quality and stability.
  • Quick after-sales response

    Set up after-sales service outlets in many regions of the country to solve after-sales problems at the first time.
  • Your trouble

    Have you encountered any of these problems?

    • ➤ No technology

      Can't find a manufacturer with core technical strength?

    • ➤ Bad business

      There are good and bad solar panel suppliers, afraid of being cheated?

    • ➤ Parameter false standard

      The middleman falsifies the parameters in pursuit of profit?

    • ➤ No service

      Facing an unexpected situation and unable to solve the problem quickly?

    • ➤ The cost is too high

      Purchasing in bulk, the price is also high?

    • ➤Too many failures

      Used for less than half a year, frequent failures?

    • ➤ Delivery too slow

      The supply is not timely, the delivery is slow, and the construction period is delayed?

    • ➤ No technical support

      The after-sales service is not strong, and there is no corresponding technical support?

    • ➤ Unable to accept

      The quality is too poor, the qualifications are not complete, and the acceptance standard cannot be met?

  • solve your troubles

    We help you out

    • ➤ Independent research and development

      Pay attention to technology, focus on research and development, a large number of research and development results.

    • ➤ Source Factory

      Authentic and professional source factory.

    • ➤ parameter true

      Each solar panel has been tested, and the parameters are not false.

    • ➤ Technical Team

      Quick response to solve problems encountered quickly.

    • ➤ Factory Outlet

      Factory direct sales, skipping middlemen, favorable price.

    • ➤ Stable quality

      Professional solar panel manufacturer with a lot of experience.

    • ➤ Assembly line production

      Procedural management, fast cutting production.

    • ➤ After Sales Team

      National professional after-sales team, quickly solve after-sales.

    • ➤ Easy acceptance

      Complete qualifications, high quality, easy acceptance.

Related cases

Product purchase

  • Pre-sale service

    Free Site Survey Free Project Planning Guidance Free Design Provide recommended parameters for free Free drawings Free scheme design
  • Sale service

    Production Progress Feedback Supervise parameter data and workmanship throughout the process The process flow is perfect Packaging specifications Delivery and logistics arrangement Free installation guide
  • After sales service

    The management platform provides free operation training Fault fast and remote solution If you need to go to the scene, it will be resolved within 48 hours Project remote inspection, early detection of faults 7x24 hours technical telephone support Free maintenance for quality problems

Become an agent

  • Cooperation prospects

    Solar panels are ushering in an explosive period, with huge market demand and high profit margins.
  • Agent advantage

    Provide a full set of solutions, provide technical support, and provide comprehensive assistance services.
  • Agent conditions

    The cumulative transaction amount, or the amount of intent money meets the agency requirements.


  • Introduction to Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Panels

    Introduction to Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Panels

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  • About Solar Panel

    About Solar Panel

    Solar panels are devices that convert sunlight into electricity. They are made up of many individual solar cells that contain photovoltaic materials. When sunlight hits these materials, electrons are 19 Jul 2023


  • Can solar panels be customized according to drawings?

    Yes, we are a manufacturing factory and can customize according to drawings.
  • Can solar panels be branded?

    Yes, we can provide OEM services.
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